How to Add Memory to a Dell Latitude "D" Series Laptop

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Small Phillips screwdriver

Small Phillips screwdriver as compared with large Phillips screwdriver

Memory stick for laptop. You may be installing more than one of these , depending upon your memory upgrade.

Make sure that your laptop is not connected to its external power adapter. Also remove the battery from the laptop. If you have a Vostro 1000, all of your memory is under the door on the bottom.

Using the small Phillips head screwdriver, loosen the screw(s) holding the memory module cover to the laptop.

Once the screw(s) is loose, lift and remove the cover for the memory module compartment, being careful not to lose the screw(s).

If you find that there's already a memory module installed, release the two clips, one on either side, to allow the memory module to pop up. Then it may be removed.

The memory module has one or more slots cut into the bottom of it. Make sure that you align these slots, properly with the memory module port. Insert the memory module at a 30 to 45° angle

When inserted correctly, the memory module should stand up at about a 30 to 45° angle in the memory slot.

With the memory module properly inserted into the memory module port at a 30 to 45° angle, push down on the memory module until it snaps into position.

Reverse your previous steps by placing the cover back on the bottom of the laptop and inserting and tightening the screw which holds the cover on.

If you are adding two (2) memory modules to your laptop, then we'll have to dig a little deeper to locate and replace the "base" memory module for your laptop.

Open the screen of the laptop as far back as possible. Use a flat screwdriver to pry up and remove the hinge cover, being careful not to break the plastic cover. Set the cover aside once removed.

Remove any screws that are holding the keyboard in place. Then lift up on the sides of the keyboard until it comes loose from the laptop. Then carefully move the keyboard to reveal the memory module.

Remove the existing memory module and then align the slot(s)s in the new memory module with the memory module port. Insert the memory module and push down to lock into place

Place the bottom of the keyboard into the laptop then snap the sides into place. Finally reattach the keyboard to the laptop using the screws that you removed earlier.

Insert the leftmost side of the hinge cover into place first. Then snap the remaining parts of the cover into place.

Place the battery back into the laptop and then power the laptop up. During the boot process, you will see a message that says that the amount of memory has changed. Press F1 to continue.

Congratulations! You have now completed adding new memory to your laptop.

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