How to Cook French Toast in Ten Min

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Break 3 eggs into mixing bowl, make sure to choose a bowl big enough for the bread to fit in

Add a dash of milk then....

....beat it! (beat it/beat it/no one wants to be defeated) an listen to Michael Jackson.

Don't add too much extract, it's stronnng stuff! (n your French toast will taste awful)

Now let's cook it up!

Now is a great time to have the bread soak I'm the batter

Then fry em all up!! Experiment with different breads, add spices like cinnamon nutmeg ect

Ps don't leave em cookin on one side too long!

Bon appetit!

Watch the video: Oven CINNAMON FRENCH TOAST. Bake A Big Batch Of Toast To Perfection Like a Pro In Just 10 Mins!


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