How to Make Incredible Beef Jerky at Home Easily!

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It starts at Costco (or anywhere else with quality meats!)

This is the kind that gives me the best results. Experiment with different cuts?

Wrap them in tin foil for a quick visit to the freezer. This step is to make the meat firm so it's easy to slice thin and even!

About four hours in the freezer. Just enough to be firm but not frozen solid!

Uniform slices diagonal across the grain. Thinkthick bacon. Trim off all edge fat! It's gross if you leave it on.

Very light marbling in this cut. Note diagonal grain makes for easy chewing.

Patience! Don't cut yourself. Use a very sharp knife. Don't "saw" use as few strokes as possible.

Reporting for duty2c Soy Sauce, 1c Water, 1tbsp Fresh Black Pepper, Six large cloves of Garlic, 2tbsp Honey (More next)

Use sparingly. A little goes a long way.

Slice the jalapeño to release the juice! (Won't be consumed so slicing method can be rough!)

I do it like this.

Everybody in!

I use a micro plane to grate in the garlic. Chopping or pressing works just as well.

Mix it all up. Get that onion powder incorporated.

Sleep well my precious, for tomorrow you shall be Beef Jerky! (Leave in fridge overnight.)

Simple NESCO dehydrator. $60 at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Link…

Good morning beef. Let me make you comfortable for your seven-hour flight to Jerky. Crack black pepper on now for kick!

Guide says highest temp for Beef Jerky. I do LOWEST temp for six hours or so.

Rotate trays every hour (or so.) Outer edges dry faster than inner, so I rotate position too sometimes.


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