How to Make Cultured Butter From Cream Buttermilk Culture

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Heavy cream, no preservatives

Butter milk, aka mesophiliic starter culture. At room temp it should smell active.

Heavy cream and buttermilk combined. Then, culture for 12 hrs at 68 degrees. Cover with cloth.

Refrigerate 12 hrs

Return cream to 54 degree F .

Then churn in mixer. Cream will whip, cream peaks form and fall.

Stop when butter flecks group and buttermilk splashes. About 15 minutes.

Strain ,butter flecks and buttermilk ,in butter muslin cloth.

Final products. Refrigerate or bake with fresh cultured butter. If you need more buttermilk then; add milk to buttermilk and sit to ripen or freeze buttermilk in ice cube tray.

Store starter culture cubes in freezer zip lock.

Watch the video: Making Cultured Butter With Chef Florian Ridder


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