How to Make a Monster High Cake

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Start by baking the two boxes of cake into four 9-inch round cakes. Apply a light layer of frosting on the outside and let it harden.

I printed out a Monster High Skulette pattern for reference. Use it to cut the design for the remaining layer.

Use a sharp-ended, serrated knife to cut the pattern into the cake.

I used Duff black and blue fondant, as well as some Wilson's white fondant I had left from another project. You can purchase it at Hobby Lobby or Party City.

Roll out the black fondant using a rolling pin. Use powdered sugar if it sticks too much to the pin or surface. Place the rolled fondant on top of the 3 layers of cake.

Trim the excess fondant with a knife and smooth it with the rolling pin.

Roll out the blue fondant. Use a pizza cutter to cut it into large diamond shapes.

Apply a small amount of frosting to the back of the diamonds and stick them around the cake.

After the first round of blue diamonds.

Apply an optional second row of blue diamonds.

Next, apply a crumb layer of frosting to the Skullette layer and let it harden.

Roll out the white fondant and apply it over the Skullette layer. Trim the excess with a knife.

Carefully place the Skullete layer on top of the black and blue layer.

Roll out more black and white fondant. Cut into 1/2 in strips, place them in pairs, and twist them together.

Apply the twisted fondant string around the base of the Skullette layer. Roll up balls of the black and white fondant and place them around the base of the cake.

Using the Skullette printout, cut the eyes and nose out of black fondant.

Place the eyes and nose on the Skullette layer using a small bit of frosting.

Use red fondant or color white fondant to use for the bow.

Create the bow with the fondant and put on the cake with a bit of frosting.

Last, use some regular black frosting and a large tip to apply an outline to the Skullette layer.


This was a trial run for my daughter's birthday next month. In hindsight, I would make the Skullette smaller, the fondant balls at the base smaller, and purchase some red fondant for the bow.

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