How to Apply Soak-Off Gel Nail Polish

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A few tipsKeep all polishes from touching your skin. Go slowly. Don't touch your nail until the very end - you could ruin all your hard work! Bake times are for an LED light.

Wash hands thoroughly before starting. It is always best to start with a clean base!

Clip nails to desired length.

Use nail file to smooth edges and shape nails as desired.

Use buffer or a fine nail file to gently buff the shine off nails. Do this lightly! You don't want to damage your nails.

Wash hands to remove all the mail dust. Dry them thoroughly.

Wipe nail with cleanser and a wipe.

Apply a primer a let it dry (about 30-40 seconds). Follow this with a thin layer of top coat. Cap the end of the nail (run the brush along the tip).

Bake for thirty seconds.

Apply a light coat of color. Don't forget to cap the tip!

Bake for sixty seconds.

Apply a second thin coat of color. Cap it!

Bake for another sixty seconds.

Apply a light layer of top coat...

......Cap it! D

Bake for a final thirty seconds.

Wipe nail down with cleanser and a wipe to take off the tacky residue.

All done! Your nail is dry and ready for anything.

The color on real nails!

French tip example.

Watch the video: How to- Gel nail tutorial-step by step


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