How to Make Mcclure's Pickles Hummus

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drain the evil juices from your chick peas then put them in the blender

plop a table spoon of olive oil in to the blender with your chick peas

squeeze an entire lemon's worth of juice in to your brew

now for the secret ingredient.

drop one and a half mcclures spicy pickles in to the blender

now for your garlic. I like to pull a clove or two out of the pickle brine. if you want the hummus to be extra spicy, drop a pepper in from the jar as well.

add your salt.

prepare to decimate

run the blender on a lighter cycle to loosen everything up. then push everything down on to the blades with a spatula

blend again on a more pulverizing setting and use your spatula to keep pressing the mess against the blades.

YOU DID IT! place it in a bowl. eat until you pass out.

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