How to Make Pastel Meringues

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Gather the ingredients that's needed

Separate the 3 eggs and save the egg white

Add 0,4 cups ( 1dl ) sugar

Whip the egg white and the sugar together

When your finished it should look like this :)

Turn the bowl up side down if meringue dough doesn't move or fall out it's finished. I recommend you try this over a sink otherwise it can end up on the floor and you don't want that :/

We saw a Ice Cream truck so we took a photo of it :)

Sift the Icing sugar into the Meringue


Separate the Meringue into two separate bowls

Add a cupel of drips food coloring, red in one and green in the other one.



Put into the owen. 100 degrees celsius for 50 minutes

Finished ! Now your lovely though meringues is ready. I also made some chocolate meringues and some meringue cake as you can see in the picture, I will make a tutorial on those soon.

Watch the video: 8 Steps to Mastering Perfect Meringues

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