How to Make Brussels Sprouts With Bacon

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First, slow cook bacon on very low heat in a heavy bottomed pan. We are using a 10 inch stainless steel skillet. It's important to use very low heat so the bacon fat renders and caramelizes in the pan

I can't stress enough to cook the bacon low and slow. It takes patience but the outcome is worth it. Don't forget to flip the bacon at least once while it's cooking

While the bacon is cooking, you can prep the brussels sprouts. Start by removing and discarding the first few damaged or dead leaves on each sprout

Cut off excess stem and slice the sprout in half

Now wash the sprout halves under cold running water. Using a pasta strainer makes this real easy.

Chop the 1/2 onion into pieces measuring about half an inch, then place aside

By this time the bacon should be done slow cooking in the skillet (20-25 Minutes). You will want to remove the bacon before it gets crispy and is still flimsy. I describe it as 70% cooked.

Move the bacon to a plate and set aside. We use a paper towel to soak up some of the grease

Spoon out some of the bacon grease leaving a little bit more than a tablespoon left in the skillet to cook the onions. Be sure to leave all that caramelized burnt-on-goodness (fond) in the pan.

Add the onions and sauté on medium heat until golden brown. The bacon grease and fond on the pan will give these onions an awesome flavor

When the onions are done and sweating (8-10 minutes), remove from pan and into a bowl

Now add the Brussels Sprouts to the skillet on medium heat.

Then add 1/4 cup of chicken broth right away. The broth is added to help scrape up the fond on the bottom of the pan. I make sure to use hot broth so it doesn't reduce the temperature in the skillet

Right after adding the chicken broth, use a wooden spatula to scrape off the fond on the bottom of the pan. After, cover with a lid to help steam cook the sprouts.

Continue to sauté the brussels sprouts adding in the rest of the chicken broth once the original amount reduces away. Make sure you've scraped up all the fond on the bottom of the pan. Cover again

Add salt and pepper to your personal taste and stir

Now take your cooked bacon and chop into pieces about a quarter inch thick

Add the onions and bacon to the sprouts and cook covered until your brussels sprouts are tender. Be sure to stir regularly. Once finished move to a plate and serve. There shouldn't be much liquid left

YEAH YUH!! Here's the finished product. Doesn't that look good?

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