How to Truffle Mac

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Heat Vegetable Oil in medium pan on medium heat (5-6).

Add scoop of Cheese Sauce (about 1 cup). Let heat until melty and loosens up.

While Cheese melts, Make sure rest on ingredients are properly prepped for serving.

Add pat of butter to melted Cheese Sauce.

Add Penne to pan and fold into mixture coating Penne thoroughly and evenly.

Add Chicken portion and incorporate into mixture.

Salt and Pepper to taste, add Parmesan to tighten mixture.

Prep CLEAN & DRY big bowl.

Plate as shown.

Finish with a light drizzle Truffle Oil, it has a strong flavor & a little goes a long way. Its also expensive so DON'T WASTE!

Garnish with more Parm, Bread Crumbs, and Bacon Lardons.

Watch the video: Truffle Trees - BBC Countryfile Summer Diaries 2016

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