How to Make the Best Party Dip for Crisps or Crackers

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Chop the tomato up as finely as possible. A sharp knife is best.

Remove all the white flesh and finely chop the green pepper.

As finely as possible, chop the onion. There are many methods of doing this without your eyes burning.

A flavoured soft cheese is best. I prefer garlic and chives or onion and chives. Choose what you enjoy.

Original salad cream.

Original tomato ketchup.

Liberally sprinkle Aromat. It is a seasoning salt, which I am not sure if it is found all round the world.

A few drops of Tabasco sauce makes it ideal. I love the stuff so I put between 8 to 10 drops.

Mix all the ingredients into a bowl and mix it all together. Make sure that the soft cheese is completely mixed.

Serve with crisps, crackers or even on bread as a sandwich spread.

This is a party dip which is ideally served as 'pickies' at a barbecue, picnic, party or afternoon lunch. Enjoy and remember to follow me.

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