How to Make Cake Pops!!

Bake a cake like usual :) Once it's done, let it cool. Place the cake in a bowl & mush it up till it becomes crumbs. The finer the crumbs the better.

Add 3/4 can of your choice of icing... I love using cream cheese w/carrot or red velvet cake!

Mix icing & cake together thoroughly till it has a dough-like texture. Press the mix against the bowl & put it in the freezer for 30mins.

Take even chunks of the cake...

Shape them into round balls. Really push them together with your palms to make a tight/solid ball. Tipwash hands often to prevent cake from getting stuck on your hands. Place in freezer for 10mins.

Melt chocolate in the microwave on DEFROST or 50% power setting for 1min... then 30sec intervals till it's liquified. Dip your stick into the melted chocolate and into the cake balls.

This reinforces the "coating" and gives the chocolate something to grab onto later.

The trick to dipping4 "sides". Never dip it with the stick vertical, the chocolate is very thick and your stick could come off. Dip diagonally or horizontal!! Don't dip & roll! Dip, lift, dip..

Sometimes I only coat it with half chocolate since some people prefer it this way. Either way, dip or sprinkle it with your choice of toppings.

Place it in the freezer for 10mins & serve... or you can store it in the fridge if you'd like. FYIthat's oil on the foil, prevents chocolate from sticking :)

Keep it simple at first... but get creative & have fun with it!! Once you master the basics, GO CRAZY!! ;)

Colors are always fun! Coloured sugar crystals don't always show up on darker colors, keep that in mind!

Strawberry cake dipped in vanilla!! The flavor options are endless!! Try out different ones and see which your favourite are!!

Dark chocolate & coconut shavings are delicious & make for great toppings!!

Holiday sprinkles & ideas are always fun like my bloody eyeball cake-pops and a simple sprinkle covered pop for the younger kids hehehe!!

Dr. Mario pills anyone?? I dressed up as a doctor & handed these out at a Halloween party... they were so fun, and yummy!!

Even a simple cake pop can be such a cute give-away when wrapped & prepared!! A little bow goes a long way!!

Once you master the basics, your creativity has no limits!! Check out this "sushi" cake I made for a friend's birthday. It was a hit!! Good luck & enjoy creating your own cake pops!!

Watch the video: Perfect Cake Pop Coating u0026 Dipping. Cake Decorating Tutorial with Kris Galicia-Brown

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