How to Make an Avocado Hair Mask for Softer/shinier Hair

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Gather all of these ingredients and a medium sized container/bowl. Specific amounts are in the supplies tab on the cover page.

Mix all of the ingredients until well* blended.

Here's my dull and lifeless hair that needs this treatment asap.

Massage into scalp and hair.

Put hair up and under a shower cap. If you don't have a shower cap and can't get one soon you can use plastic wrap. This is just to maintain the body heat. A shower cap works better.

Leave hair under shower cap/plastic wrap for 25 minutes. Optionalyou can blow dry on Low-Hot for a better outcome.

Rinse hair with warm water and then followed with colder water.

Continue with normal shower routine and you're done! (You should feel a difference right away.

Watch the video: How to make shampoo with avocado seeds. DIY Avocado Seed Shampoo


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