How to Make Compote

Buy three 6oz bags of your favorite dried fruit

"Compote" is French for "Mixture" and is a dessert made with whole pieces of fresh fruit cooked with sugar to make a syrup. However, using dried fruit is the quick and easy way!

Empty dried fruit into a large pot.

Add enough water just to cover the fruit.

Turn stove on high.

Bring to a rapid boil.

Stir and separate fruit from sticking together. (you can also add cinnamon or a splash of brandy if you like, but it is also delicious just on it's own)

Cover pot and turn down to low.

Simmer for 20 minutes while fruits plump up and release their own natural sweet juices.

The liquid is now a beautiful warm syrup

Get out the vanilla bean ice cream!

Top with warm fruit and drizzled with syrup

And more syrup.. Yummmm

Serve and enjoy! .... Can also be served as just fruit with a dallop of Cool Whip.

Store remaining Compote in the refrigerator and enjoy cold as a healthy snack or over warm oatmeal for breakfast.

You can add more cold water directly to the mixture with out boiling to reconstitute the syrup as needed while it is in the refrigerator.

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