How to Curl Ur Hair

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Okay first hair dry your hair after a shower till its fully dry

This Is the curling iron I use it's by Conair and I highly recommend

Now put your hair half way up and half way down

Now these are the hair products I used but any hairspray or moose should be okay to use

Now begin from bottom to top when curling hair I seperate my hair by sections so I get the curl I want and it's easier

First curl

Once done with one side I will move on to te next side

Now spray your hair and scrunch it up to build volume and help the curls

1/2 way done now add moose and apply it the same way you applied the hairspray by crunching up the curls with ur hands

One finished this is how it looks. Hope you girls enjoy :)

Watch the video: Curling Iron Hacks To Style Your Hair Better, Faster, Easier

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