How to Train Your Dog to Weave Through Your Legs

Your start position is to have the dog sit on either side of you.

I use a wiggly finger motion and the word THROUGH to get my dog to weave. I have a treat in my hand for him to follow.

When he is all the way on the other side of my leg, I give him a treat.

I get ready to switch legs and have my next treat in my other hand ready.

I go through the same motions for the second time around. I do this in repetitions of three so I have three treats all together, rewarding after each weave then releasing at the end.

This will be your final product.

I've been doing this with my dog for so long, I've ditched the hand signal and use my leg motions as my signal. I can get him to do about 10 weaves before getting irritated! :)

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