How to Cut Whole Pineapple Into Bite Size Pieces

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Lay pineapple on cutting board and cut off the top

Top cut off

Cut off bottom

Put pineapple with one cut side down

Cut along the sides top to bottom all the way around

Like this

Keep going all the way around

All done, sides are all cut off

Now go around and get any of the missed spots

Flip it over and make sure you got the bottom side too

Now time to cut again. See that circle in the center? You don't want to eat that it's tough and chewy and blech! So we are going to cut around it.

Next piece


And final piece, just toss the core in the garbage or compost bin.

Now lay one of the cut pieces down and slice lengthwise like this

Then cross wise

Toss in bowl and finish the other pieces the same way

This is 1 pineapple. YUM!

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