How to cook spicy turkey curry

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This is what you'll begin with...

Cut off the roots,we don't want them

Chop off the stalks,we'll only use the root

Peel it deep because there'll be hard veins

Chop the carrot julienne and the peppers however you like

Chopped and ready !

Season the turkeys

Add One tbs virgin olive oil and add the onions

When they become softer add the turkeys

Cook until they turn white-ish and then add the chopped celery

Turn them for a while and add the curry paste

It'll look like this

Cook for a min then add the brokoli

Don't smash the brokoli be nice to them (: add 1/2 cup of milk

Add 1 cup of water

Boil them for like 5-10 min then add grape syrup or pekmez as we call it can use other sweetener like honey etc. but not white sugar ! (Not healthy )

Boil it for a 5 min than simmer it down and cook for add. 20 min. Than just lay the carrots over the top

After 10 min. it'll look like this and if the water hasn't gone as much as you like do the next steps. If you're OK with the result just eat(:

Put 2 tbs flour to a plate and take water from the boiling pot as much as the flour gets... When you have a good mix add it to the pot again and stir as fast as you can because we don't want dumplings

And finally add some butter if you want and you're done !

Parsley would look good on the plate (; Enjoy, hope you like it...

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