How to bake maids of honour

Gather your ingredients. FIRST... Put your Tenderflake tart shells in the oven to pre-bake. Just follow the instructions on the box for this.

Cream butter & sugar together. It works best if the butter is at room temperature.

The original recipe from the Be-Ro Home Recipes book calls for margarine, it works too if you don't have butter.

Cream butter & sugar together until they're well mixed.

Beat in an egg.

Keep beating until all the lumps are gone.

It should be like thick cream.

Fold in the flour.

I do this gently, but make sure its all mixed in.

Should look a bit "batter-like" and gluey.

Put a teaspoon of raspberry jam into each tart shell.

Put a spoonful of the batter mixture on top of each spoon of jam. You should have just enough for 12.

Bake for 20-25 minutes in an oven set to 400F (200C).

Thank you Be-Ro for a quick and yummy treat! :o)

Be sure and let them cool - the jam is like lava when first out the oven.

Eat them quick as they don't last long.

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