How to bolt a safe to the floor

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Bought a safe for the house, I made sure the one I was going to get was able to be bolted to the floor, this model came with the hardware to do so

On the bottom of the safe, two of the legs had indents which I could drill through.

Tilted the safe on its side and easily drilled through.

I placed the safe in the location I wanted to mount it, then used a pencil to mark the holes on the tile

In retrospect, I should have moved it a little off of the grout line, as it was pretty tough to drill through

The tile was the hardest to get through, my drill has a hammer setting and it helped a lot

Use a vacuum to clean it up

Then hammer down your anchors into the holes

Line up your holes with the bolts, don't forget to use the washers

I had a problem, my door wouldn't close properly without me forcing it.

Upon further inspection, the plastic on the inside of the door, was hitting the bolt. This is the mark it made on the door when I forced it closed

I used my dremel to notch the space, from the head of the bold, eventually getting enough gone to close with ease

Had to take quite a big chunk out

After that, it closed without a problem.

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