How to make pa-yay- ah!

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Garlic power trio (some smashed, some broken up, some chopped)

Wash cilantro, remove from stems, chop

Brown garlic lightly in preheated olive oil

Toss in shrimp, cilantro, and peppers

Turn up the heat, add a dash of white wine or prosecco, and cover

Chop chorizo and add to mixture, recover for a bit to let all the flavors mingle

Doesn't it look good?! (This would be a good time to tell you I forgot to take pictures, but...make your rice!)

Pregrease baking tray

Add in rice cooked as per instructions on bag (you could use white rice and real saffron, I used a saffron rice mixture that's my favorite!) Cover the tray with rice

Spread shrimp mixture evenly over the rice and voila!

Cover and bake for 25 minutes or so

I served with arugula dressed lightly with olive oil and sea salt...healthy, romantic and delicious! Feel free to like, comment or follow me for more inspired recipes!

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