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The cast

Ok let's go. We will make a strong ginger spiced tea. This will seep and intensify the flavor of the coquito. Add the water to a small pot set over high heat

Add the cinnamon sticks

A few pieces of ginger. You can also grate the ginger into the water

The whole cloves

And the star anise

I like the flavor of ginger. So I also grated a few more pieces of it into my tea

Reduce the 2 1/2 cups of tea to 1 cup. When done strain the spices into a small sieve.

Let the tea come to room temp

Okay let's start the coquito . In a blender add the coconut milk. I use Goya coconut milk feel free to use any brand you want

Continue next with the cream of coconut

The condensed milk

Then the carnation evaporated milk

And lastly the ginger infused tea.

Add the vanilla extract too. At this point you can also add some cinnamon powder and nutmeg.😉

Now comes the yummy part. Add the Bacardi white rum. You can also use Bacardi gold if you want a stronger flavor

And the Malibu coconut rum

I added a little bottle of the gold Bacardi. I don't like an overly strong liquor taste. BUT add as little or as much liquor as you like make it your own. Blend it all very well.

When the coquito has blended, take a nice bottle add a few cinnamon sticks to it and pour the coquito into it.

I like to make this a few days before Xmas day or thanksgiving. It allows the flavor to mingle. It gets quite thick in the fridge. Thats ok, just give it a shake or two. Enjoy

This version has no eggs and it can be made with or without alcohol. Your choice. Make a lot & give away as gifts. Enjoy

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