How to make frozen dog treats in any mold

First, make sure you have all of your necessary items. One box of the Kong Refills will make 16 octopuses.

Take out one packet of the Kong Refills. The boxes come in 4 flavors: Chicken Soup, Juicy Apple, White Cheddar Cheese, and Sweet Potato & Maple. Today, I am using Chicken Soup flavor.

Mix the water and the Kong Packet powder in a cup for 1-2 minutes. There may be some lumps that will not mix, that is fine.

Pour the mixture into the mold. If you have extra, fill up the mold so the top of the molds are flat and easier to take out.

Freeze for at least twelve hours. Once they are frozen, run the mold under hot water so the treats will pop out.

My dog loves these treats and so will yours! Experiment with the different flavors, as well as molds!

Watch the video: Healthy Dog Treats with Bananas and Carrots

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