How to cook sweet and sour tofu (low-carb)

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Heat some oil until very hot add tofu. Flip when fragrant.

Put on some tissue paper absorbing out some oil.

Portion and deseed the capsicum.

That bit would do.

Cut into lil cubes.

Dice the garlic

And chop the red onion u can use normal onion too.

On med heat stir fry sweat the garlic and onion until onions are transparent.

Dice tomatoes and cut the asparagus into small chunk.

Add capsicum. Capsicum helps u loose weight too.

Add the asparagus. You can use pea or any green crunchy beans would do.

Add a lil bit of veggy stock in.

Add tomato

Secret ingredient. Instead of adding tomato sauce or sugar i add apple juice instead.

You can mix a bit of corn starch into the apple juice to make it thickens up. I don't cos I'm on low carb. Make sue you move fast after the tomato or it will get pale.

Assemble and serve right away voila! Enjoy your skinny food 💗💗💗

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