How to create this intricate nail design

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Start by picking which nails will have the design and which will be solid. Paint accents white and solids blue (or whatever color you've picked)

Paint a black half circle at the moons of your nails. This will probably get messy so either use tape or be prepared to clean later.

Add3 or 4 black dots along the outer edge of the circle.

Paint a smaller circle inside the black one using your color. Leave a strip of black showing.

Using a smaller dotting tool, add black dots along the new inner edge of the original half circle. Also, put smaller blue dots into the big black ones.

Add a string of white dots that also touch the small black dots.

Put tiny black dots inside the white ones, inside the blue bullseye and on the outside of the bullseye. Wait for it to dry completely and add your topcoat!

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