How to cook garlic curry

Peel your garlic

Prepare your spices and onion. Note that the quantities in this picture are for demonstration only as you will need less. For exact amounts refer to the supplies listed at the beginning of this guide.

Start by adding the mustard seeds to a pan and dry fry them until they are hot and popping

Add vegetable oil and wait till it's hot

Add onion, ginger, and cinnamon sticks to the frying pan

Fry them until the onion is golden

Add the curry leaves

In the mean time add some hot water to the tamarind and dissolve it

Add the remaining spices to the pan

Fry everything for a couple of minutes stirring continuously

Add the garlic

Stir the garlic until it is well coat with the spices

Lower the heat and cover the pan

After few minutes add some hot water to the garlic (just a little don't add much)

Add the dissolved tamarind

Mix everything well and cook until the garlic doesn't bite anymore, just few minutes. Add the salt now.

Add the coconut milk and let the curry simmer for few more minutes. Taste and add salt again if needed.

Serve and enjoy :)

Delicious ! ;)

Watch the video: Poondu Kulambu. Garlic Gravy. Garlic Curry

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