How to make eggless vanilla cake

Take 175 gms of Eggless Cooker Cake Mixture... Vanilla Flavored!!!

100 ml Pure Milk

Stir cake mix, oil and milk with a spoon in a bowl for 2 minutes.

Butter for greasing... teaspoon of butter is enough for greasing...

Grease bottom and sides of a 5 inch round pan or vessel and sprinkle lightly with flour. Pour batter into the greased round pan or vessel.

Pour water into cooker up to 1 inch high.

place a stand in the cooker.. called as vessel stand.

Place a stand in the pressure cooker ( 3 litre or above )

Do not put whistle...cook for 30 min in medium flame..

cook for 30 min in medium flame..

open lid and allow steam to escape Heat without lid for another 5 min.

Now thats it cake is done when knife is inserted in the cake comes out clean with a fork!!! I'm excited!!! and obviously Lov'in it!!! :)) ;)

Watch the video: Eggless Vanilla Sponge Cake. No Oven. In Pressure Cooker. No Condensed Milk The Terrace Kitchen

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