How to make a keepsake of a beach vacation🏄

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We got a gallon bag of sand.

I sifted out the sand.

Leaving behind large parts that can be trashed.

I grabbed a cute glass jar.

With lid.

Fill glass jar 1/3 way.

Like so.

The shells we picked I had soaked in baking soda with warm water, rinsed and allowed to dry.

Now there are these Cypress trees that had Spanish moss growing on them.

Look closer.

That's what I have here. I pulled down a bag of it. I soaked in cool water with baking soda, swished it around till clean. Rinsed till water was clear. Then allow to dry.

I just cut off the amount I want.

Insert in jar to the side.

Like so.

Pick a few shells.

Place next to moss. How nice. 😎

Grab clear plastic wrap.

Place over top.

Stretch tight, no wrinkles.

Grab only the ring part of lid.

This part.

Screw on top.

Trim excess.

Grab some ribbon.

Tie around top.

Like so.

Reminds me of my vacation.

So pretty.


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