How to make delicious rock cakes this christmas -15 mins

Assemble all ingredients. Put the oven to 200degrees C or gas mark 6... Sieve the flour and baking powder into a mixing bowl

Add the butter and granulated sugar (slice the butter into thin manageable slices or attack it as one big lump...)

Massage the butter until it resembles small bread crumbs (thumbs may ache but this occupational hazard is normal no need to panic - no pain no gain I suppose but if there is pain delegate this job)

Add the currents, mixed fruit, egg and milk then kneed it together until sticky, if it's too dry add 2nd spoon of milk and kneed again, maximum of three - I only needed one :-)

Grease baking tray with butter, divide into 9 rock sized cakes (I guess that's where the got the name) and sprinkle with the Demarara Sugar then place in the over for 15 minutes or until golden

Once cooked cover them for 10 minutes allowing them to cool and spread their gorgeous aromas through the rest of the house. The orange bits in the dried mixed fruit adds a great flavour to them too!

Now get stuck in... Enjoy my grandmas Rock Cake recipie :-)

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