How to create journaling tags

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Gather up supplies. I used a pile of manilla file folder scraps I had leftover from another project to cut my tag shapes. Any cardstock weight paper or scraps will work just fine.

Cut paper/paper scraps into desired tag shapes. Standard shipping tags measure 2 1/4 x 4 1/4. I cut a variety of sizes close to this standard measurement. I punched a few large circle tags too.

Stamp tags using journal line stamps and other favorite stamp images you have on hand.

Use distress ink to color standard paper hole reinforcers. (Ink, markers, paint & chalk work great also !)

Adhere reinforcer to tag.

Punch hole.

Use distress ink and tool to "age" tags.

The distress ink adds a nice softening effect, giving an aged look with ease.

Tie jute through each tag .

These tags are perfect for so many things...journaling important moments & memories, handy gift tags, labeling needs and so much more! (A super way to utilize scraps too!) Create & Enjoy!!

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