How to prep aloe vera plant for use in beauty recipes🍃

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Here is my aloe vera plant

I cut one of the bottom most leaves off of the plant for this guide

Cut aloe leaf into pieces that are easier to work with

Cut the spiny sides off of the aloe leaf

Here is what the aloe leaf looks like after the spiny sides are removed

Taking your knife cut the top of the outside of the aloe leaf off, angling the knife upward as to leave the meat of the leaf on the bottom

Here's what it looks like after the top is removed

Here's where things start to get messy. Taking your spoon, scrape the meat off of the bottom of the aloe leaf.

Separating the meat from the outside of the aloe leaf with the spoon. Scrape until all the meat is off the leaf

Meat is separated from the leaf

Place the meat of the leaf into a blender

Here's all the meat I collected from the aloe leaf

Discard the outside of the aloe leaf after the pieces have been thoroughly scraped of all aloe meat

Place a coffee filter over a plastic container. Leave some slack so that the aloe juice does not run out of the container while straining. Also put an elastic band around to keep it from sliding off

Close up of the elastic band (rainbow loom bracelet my daughter made)

Blend the aloe meat until foamy

Nice and foamy, ready to strain

Pour the blended meat on the coffee filter. Strain until the solids remain on the filter and the juice is in the container.

Straining the solids from the juice

All strained and ready for use!

Now the juice is ready to be added to many homemade beauty recipes. Follow me to see how I use it in beauty products I use everyday

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