How to create this braided hairstyle

Start with a deep side part and make sure there are no knots in your hair. This can be done with curly or straight hair (:

Section off the front few Inches of your hair, I usually follow where my ear starts and up (: clip the rest of your hair out of the way(:

Take the too layer of this new section and split it into three equal parts

We will be French braiding these sections, adding small pieces of hair to the front piece as you go down

Continue this until the whole section is in the braid, than continue doing a regular braid down your hair

Pin the braid behind your hair (I use two bobby pins)

Release the rest of your hair and TA-DA! Make sure you cover the end of the braid and the bobby pins(:

Better lighting(: goodluck with this look! I hope you all liked it (:

Thanks for viewing and please comment, follow, like and request more guides (: Also I've had some requests to follow me on Instagram, so If you'd like to my username is behind_her_lens

Watch the video: Dutch Braid Tutorial. How To Do Boxer Braids

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