How to make the cutest bunny valentines!

Hi! Here is an easy and fun project for valentines day. If you don't like this one, stay tuned for more valentine tutorials, since I am at home expecting a blizzard. ^^

Here is a photo of the size of my orange (an green) papers compared to my hand. This is a good minimum size but you can use any size really.

Cut off a thin strip of your green as shown. You can use any scissors you wish. It looks good with zigzag scissors but I misplaced mine:(

Add a dot as a reference.

Draw 2 lines from the point to the corners of the paper. You may want some sort of straightedge.

You should have an isosceles triangle!!

...aand here's our carrot! Don't glue the pieces together yet though, because both pieces will be glued onto the bunny separately later.

Get out your white paper. (Actually you can pick whatever color you want your bunny to be, I picked a classic white)

Fold in half. Btw: I'm using lightweight drawing paper, but computer paper works just as well.

Unfold your paper and lay your carrot on top in the middle. Then trace the carrot lightly.

And fold back in half.

Cut along the line you drew(not the top of the carrot though-see picture)

Cut a rounded shape from the end of your cut to make...

...a heart!!

Glue your carrot to your heart. I used scotch quick dry adhesive but glue sticks work better.

Glue on the carrot greens.

Give your bunny some paws!

Don't forget ears!!

Little heart eyes...

A little pink nose!!

And you're done!! Add your own touches and be creative!!

Leave comments and like! If you want to request other tutorials feel free. Have fun making bunnies!!

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