How to create cute valentine's day nails

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Start by filing your nails to a round shape. This is optional, I just like the design better on round nails! so!

Apply your light pink polish to all nails. I used Essie--Ballet Slippers. My polish is very thin so I used 3 coats--you can see my tips but that's alright as the design covers them!

Using your dark pink polish, paint two bumps like the top of a heart on the tips of your nails. This is Sally Hansen--Love Rocks.

Using a pen/pencil/toothpick/anything with a small dotted point, create small dots of white polish around the tops of your hearts. Let your nails dry completely.

Once your nails have dried completely, it's time to add your topcoat! I love this look matte so I used Essie's Matte About You. Of course the matte look is optional & you can use a regular clear coat!

This is the final product! Have fun and have a Happy Valentine's Day!

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