How to make onion basmati rice

Wash the rice 2 twice, and soak for 20 mins. Soaking is a necessary step in cooking basmati rice as it allows the rice to grow longer and gets rid of excess starch.

Heat your oil, add in the chopped red onions, & sauté until onions turn light brown/pink.

Then throw in your chopped green onions & garlic.

Let cook for a few seconds..

Add in the rice, onion powder, the top half of the green onion and salt (according to your liking)

The hot water. Bring to boil and allow the water to evaporate.

The onions will float to the top; stir the rice to spread the onions

Once the water is almost gone but little bubbles are still visible between the rice, add the peas.

Push the peas down, cover and cook until all the water is gone.

And you're done!

Watch the video: How to Boil the rice - #Tipsu0026Tricks. ChefHarpalSingh

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