How to make gulab jaman (pakistani sweet)

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take good quality powdered milk. I'm using nido fortified. If your milk is not of good quality then forget about making gulab jaman

add flour, sooji(semolina), baking powder according to supplies and mix.. I'm making 2 cup powdered milk gulab jaman so follow supplies for your measurements

this sooji/semolina

add oil 1 tbsp and mix and then add one beaten egg and again mix.. properly.. quantity of egg depends on texture..your egg may be a big one or small one so adjust quantity according to texture

make balls, add oil in pan and add your balls in your oil before heating oil.. and then heat it on medium heat

mix it continuously with slight shaking of pan...

balls will get doubled in size

they will start changing their color

fry till you get your desired color .. dark brown or light brown as you wish

in another pan add water and sugar and heat.. dissolve sugar and further cook it for 2 min.. dont let it go thick.. make watery sugar syrup.. lower the heat to MINIMUM after 2 min and add you balls

after 5 min switch off your burner and let it stay for further 15 min so that balls will soak sugar water. Note: if your sugar water is thick and balls are not dipped in syrup, then balls will be hard

key to get soft and spongy gulab jaman is to make syrup not very thick.. and putting that on minimummm flame while adding gulab jaman balls

serve and enjoy really very delicious and soft textured gulab jaman

Watch the video: Gulab Jamun by Chef Tahira Mateen Zaiqa

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