How to make a paper airplane

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I am going to reccomend you use a hard surface until you have had practice making this. It will make it MUCH easier! :)

First, start with a piece of paper. I'm using printer paper, but lined paper works as well

Fold it in half the "hot dog" way as evenly as you can

And unfold. Now we have a nice center line we can work with

Fold the corner down on that line (you don't have to draw it) You want the top edge to be right next to the middle line.

Like this. You can do any side first

Then do the other side the same way. Try not to have them overlap or have big gaps in between the two pieces at the middle. Small gaps are ok

Next, fold one side "in half". You want to take the outside top (the slanted part) part of your "corner" and line it up with the middle.

Then fold the other side the same way. It is OK if they are not even at the bottom

Fold in half so the "flaps" are on the inside. Use the middle line. Turn it sideways so it looks like the picture

Try to get a nice pointy tip like this. It will make the airplane fly better when it's done :)

Take the top part and fold it over so it lines up with the bottom (sorry for the sorta bad pic)

Turn it to the other side

Fold the same way. You can basically just line up the tops this time

This is what it looks like on the bottom. Hold the middle part and push up the outside ones (the ones we just folded)

Now it looks like this on the bottom. Flip it over and you have your airplane!

To throw, put your thumb on one side and your pointer and naughty finger on the other. Hold it back by your head. Extend your arm and flick your wrist gently. THIS TAKES PRACTICE

Please like <3 comment and follow me :) if you need help, ask in the comments and I will try to help you

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