How to make concrete countertops

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First create molds for the countertops using your desired dimensions.

We used styrofoam cut to fit the size of the drain and the faucet we were putting in.

Make sure to seal sides and edges with a Silicone based caulk. It will make it easier to remove later.

Mix and pour the concrete, per the ratio of the chose bag. Use a hand sander along the bottom to help release air bubbles.

Make sure to continuously mix.

After the counter tops have cured for several days, remove the screws to release the mold. Then you can paint/stain.

We used 3 coats of stain for our desired look. Don't worry about the center it will be covered by the sink.

Once that has dried for several days you can pour the high gloss poxy coating on top and let set.

Once it's been dry for atleast a day you can move the counter into place.

We used an adhesive the seal the edges before we added our backsplash tile. Then the sink!

Update! We decided to use the palm sander to give the countertop a matte finish!

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