How to make basbosa ( semolina cake ) 🌷

Mixture (1) Add milk, honey, ghee together and make them hot .

Mixture (2) Add semolina , sugar , coconut and baking powder together and mix them well .

Add mixture (1) to mixture ( 2)

And mix them by a spoon .

Brush the glass pan by ghee and (tahina) (pure ground sesame seed )

Pure them in a glass pan ( Pyrex )

Add the Almonds or the walnuts As you like .And put the ( basbosa ) in a medium heat oven .

When the ( basbosa ) in the oven start to make the syrup . Add sugar , water , and some lemon drops .

Let them boiling 10 min to become syrup ( sticky in the spoon )

When the ( basbosa ) become brown from the sides turn off the oven from the bottom and turn on from the top ( grill )

Pour the boiling syrup over the basbosa Immediately after taking it out of the oven

Leave the basbosa cool completely before serve it .

Enjoy 🌷

Watch the video: Famous Middle Eastern Dessert Basbousa Recipe . Easiest way to make Basbousa

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