How to make italian pignoli cookies-pine seedscookie🇮🇹

I weigh most of the ingredients in the bowl of a free standing mixer. You can do the dough in a bowl and mix by hand. It is really a simple procedure that doesn't need any precision

70 g sugar. I prefer superfine but you could use normal granulated sugar.


Measure the egg white. Or you can approximate. But I think it is worth the trouble measuring precisely. One has a better control on the recipe and once established, it will always b the same success

Mix the almond-sugar with the egg whites

Add a TBsp of honey. This will make the inside of the cookies more chewy as it is supposed to b

Add 1/2 Tsp vanilla extract

Almond extract

Add 1 Tsp of vanilla and 2-3 drops of almond extract. Do not put more because it could b very strong and it can interfere with the taste of the pine seeds... Which are the main issue. very sticky

Weigh the pine seeds. You will need 150 g. It could more, that depends how much you put on each cookie

Baking tray 27x37 cm lined with a parchment paper

Oven is preheated to 180 C

Very sticky dough. The best way to form your cookies is With the help of 2 small spoons. scoop some dough and drop it over the pine seeds

Like that

Roll it over the seeds with the spoon

Then it becomes so simple to form by hand a round cookie or ..?

Put it in your hand and roll gently

Today I made 18 cookies . This recipe makes between 15 and 18 cookies. More or less. It depends on the size of each.

Put the tray in the lower level of the oven. Put another tray under it to protect pine seeds from over toasting

Also cover the tray with a foil. Make the foil in 3 folds so it doesn't fly away from the tray....if you have a fan oven. And make the foil bigger than the tray for a better protection

Bake 20 mins in a preheated oven 180C. Cover the top with a loose foil to protect from extremely browning the pine seeds. And a tray under to protect the base. 10 mins turn the baking sheet.

Out of the oven

Put on a cooling wire.

And keep in an air tight container. Or serve anytime

Variation of form. In some regions of Italy, pignoli cookies are formed like above.

Personally I prefer the round form

Watch the video: 5 ingredient Authentic Italian Pignoli Cookies

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