How to update your plain tee

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So thanks to Liz meirons guide, I made the POW sign on a tee instead of paper. I've been seeing a lot of these comic signs on tshirts lately and making one is very easy.

I got this off google. You can use various words listed these if not POW

I took my fabric marker and tailors chalk

First I drew out the design with chalk then went over with the marker

Like this.

Since the background was blue. I first went over the letters with white so that yellow could stand out. If you are doing it on a light coloured tee you can start with the coloured paint directly.

Go over all the alphabets. Make sure you keep something down so that the color doesn't seep to the back of the tee.

And then I painted it yellow

And in the background I painted red.

Then go over the lines with black paint like this.

Again with chalk I drew lines.

Then started making such dots.

Looks like this in the end.



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