How to draw merida from brave

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First draw some circles to figure out the shape of her pose. Circles help a lot when drawing. It helps people understand movement in ones joints, and posture.

Next add her face. Draw her eyes and nose in the direction you would like to to be facing. Don't worry, it doesn't have to perfect, fix it later on.

Add more detail to her face, and darken it to see the lines clearer. Don't forget the freckles! Draw her nose as a triangle, if you are having trouble.

Begin to draw her bangs and fore head hair. It's very wavy and poofy, go crazy with it!

Continue on with the rest of her hair. Stop at this certain spot so you can later add it when you are making the bow.

Start to configure out her arm, there are wrinkles in the clothing when you bend at a certain point, so don't forget!

Add ovals as her fingers, to help you figure out the position of them.

Add her sleeve and the rest of her fingers, don't forget the thumb, then make an arrow from a one-point direction. ( small to big ).

Configure her body by making a dark rim around the certain circles, remember that she has hips, so don't make them flat!

Make her dress stitches and add her belt, add detail later, remember it's just a sketch.

Her arm is pointed OUTWARDS so it will seem lager up close. Add the bow handle. And her fingers. Use ovals!

Add the rest of the bow, it is not straight it will bend with the pressure of the sting attached to it. Add an arrow tip too.

Now you can make the rest of her hair, go wild with it! Make it long and poofy, that's what it is in the movie!

Now darken her hair, so you can see it better.

Sorry for the bad lighting, I finished this late, so now it's artificial lighting. Add some more detail within her belt and around bending points in her body. Erase all sketch circles.

More detail, and your done!

ENJOY, now hang it up by your other amazing masterpieces!

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