How to make a d.i.y phone case (aztec print)

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Get all the supplies listed together.

You'll first take the iPhone case. Note: I did all the designs free-hand.

Set the case on the table.

Before we start here are some examples of different pattern ideas.

Take your first marker (any color you'd like). I started with a thin solid line and a dotted line (about 10 dots). *MAKE SURE YOU GO SLOW AND STEADY*

After the first two designs I added two more solid lines. (Each time I change up the color.)

Next I added a dash line (about 6 dashes). I also added a very thin solid line. *MAKE SURE YOU'RE STILL GOING SLOW AND STEADY*

I added 1 more thin blue line and did zig-zags in between. Also added a very THICK purple line with a thick black line below it.

I added a couple more solid lines. Below those I have a blue squiggly line. After, I added slashes of a mixture of pink and maroon.

I added a solid green line and then outlined it with black lines. After, I added zig-zags in between.

Next, I added blue sideway arrows (about 14). Then I added about 9 dashes below it.

Below the blue dashes I added a thin brown solid line. After that I added purple triangles. In between the spaces of the purple triangles I made black triangles.

After the triangle designs I added a blue solid line below. After, I made pink dashes. In between those dashes I put small dots. Finally, for the last design it was just a thin line.

After designing it, I'm now going to add the elephant sticker.

You'll need nail glue OR super glue.

I decided to switch the elephant because I thought it looked better. After you put glue on it stick it right smack in the middle.

Next we're going to spray paint the back. *MAKE SURE WHEN YOU'RE SPRAYING YOUR ARM IS 12 INCHES A WAY FROM THE CASE* Wait about an hour after spraying.

After spray painting you should have an outline. When it's all dried just make sure you look over the case. If it isn't dry wait for about another 5 minutes.

I decided to add sparkly nail polish on to each side. First I did the left side.

After, I did the right side. Wait for each side to dry. (about 15 minutes)

After the sparkly nail polish is dry on each side, DON'T FORGET TO SPRAY PAINT EACH SIDE! (Note: Remember to be about 12 inches a way from the phone case)

This is what the final product should look like! I hope you enjoyed my Snapguide :)


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