How to make a phone/ipod projector (out of a box)

You will need: some masking tape, normal tape a permanent marker, a magnifying glass, some blutac, some decorations(optional), a cardboard box, some lego, some scissors, and some wrapping paper option

I have already wrapped my box, but remember to wrap the lid and the box seperately. If you don't want to wrap it then make sure any gaps or holes are covered up with masking tape.i decorated mine.

Measure your magnifying glass

Halve the measurement

Mark the centre of one side of the box, where you want your magnifying glass to be

Draw a dot to the left of your centre, using the measurement you just halved

And the right

And the top

And the bottom

the pot of stars i used to decorate is the same measurement as my magnifying glass, so I can draw around that. You could either find something the same size, use a compass, or draw by hand

Draw the circle

Cut it out from the inside if you're using wrapping paper, if not then just cut

Poke a hole through the wrapping paper

Make cuts to the edge like this

Slot your magnifying glass in, you can adjust if it doesn't fit. Stick the wrapping paper to the box as shown


Use lots of tape to hold in place on the inside

Measure the width of the inside of your box

And divide by two

Find something straight (i.e. A ruler but I can't find one) i used a piece of paper instead and blutaced it so it won't slip

Draw along the dots

Measure your device, it's meant for an iPod touch/iPhone but. I have made it work with an iPad mini and pretty much any phone will work. Halve the measurement.

On either side using the halved measurement from your device, draw dots down either side

And using the paper, join up

Get your lego, for this you can use pretty much anything:wire, paper, card anything that will hold your device in place

I built this

And used the blutac so it won't slip

Put into the box so that the lines match up with the edges of your box

Go into a dark (as dark as you can get) room

Shift the stand and device up and down these lines until it focuses and then blutac down your stand

(On apple) go to settings>general>accessibility>assistive touch (on) and then click on the dot that comes up on your screen and go to device>rotate screen>right (it will project upside-down)

Turn the brightness right up to make it easier to see!

Watch the video: How to make HD projector at home. mobile projector

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