How to make a simple birthday invitation

Cut card to size of preference and quantity you wish to make. Using a stamp set or sharpie, write a simple word to describe the invite or card. e.g. 'Party!, Celebrate!, Birthday!' Etc.

Cut pieces of twine to your desired length, cut another even lot of pieces a centimeter longer. These are your balloon strings. Two balloons will go on each card.

Take two different colors of paper. Cut out triangles to suit two balloon knots per card. stick double sided tape down to the triangles.

Trace a size of circle big enough to accommodate the size of your card. Cut these out and stick double sided tape to the backing. These are your balloons.

Peel off the backing and stick the bakers twine to the double sided tape. This is to ensure its stuck and that you won't need to fiddle when hot gluing it to the card.

Put a small amount of hot glue to the back of the triangle and stick down to the card.

Once the are both stuck, you are ready to press the circles on.

Peeling off the un-adhesive side, then pressing down into place.

This should be your end result! You have two balloons with string. You can arrange the string in whatever position you like.

Personally, I made a loose knot and pulled the other string of bakers twine through.

I loosely tied the knot and hot glued that to the card.

Taking the two ends, I cut them to size and poked the ends into the glue gun - this allowed a small amount to catch onto the thread and let me secure it to the card

Your card or invitation should look something like this! It's cute and simple. I made them into invitations for a birthday - printed out the details, stuck them to the other side and added a magnet!

Watch the video: How to Make Invitation for Birthdays

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