How to make a card key case

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Prepare the template that is larger than the actual size of the card key case.

Cut out the leather with a leather cutter. Be careful not to cut your fingers!

These are all the materials you will need to complete the project.

Draw a line to show the sewing line. At this time, draw a line about 0.1 inch away the sewing line from the edge.

Glue the leather together using elastomeric adhesive which is used to glue leather.

At this time, draw a line on the card key case to make the sewing line. Pierce it with a hammer on the sewing line.

After the glue has dried, sew it with the wax cord.

Attach a ring to attach a key ring.

Apply oil to the leather edge and polish it with the stick of the wood.

You have completed your project. Congratulations!!

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